Super Tuesday and Super Specials

Celebrate Super Tuesday and the Super Specials offered by Idaho Heating and Cooling!

It's Super Tuesday where people in 12 states are scrambling to vote for their favorite candidate. At Idaho Heating and Cooling, people are scrambling to take advantage of the super special of $49.00 for a 10-point safety inspection and standard filter replacement that last all month long! We want you to be super prepared when it comes to keeping your home warm and comfy.

In Idaho, next Tuesday kicks off the first round of voting in the Republican primary. It is a privelge to have a voice so if this is your primary, be sure to get out and vote. If you live in Meridian, you can vote early at the Meridian City Hall through Friday March 4th. 

We think or customers are super not just on Super Tuesday but every day of the year! Thank you for trusting your furnace and air conditioning maintenance and repairs to the experts at Idaho Heating and Cooling. 

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