Lost Easy Chair Time

Good reason to set up a maintenance plan!

It's nice to relax after a busy day, sitting back in your easy chair, finally having worked your way through all the to-do's on your list. It's great to wind down after a busy day except when oh-oh the house starts cooling down and there is a racket coming from the garage and BAM, your restful evening just disappeared. That's what happens when everything in life is a higher priority than calling for regular maintenance on your furnace. We are the go-to guys creating your lifeline when it comes to keeping track of maintenenace and repairs on your furnace. Don't lose sleep or that rare downtime by forgeting about the one thing that keeps your home warm. Let Idaho Heating and Cooling keep you on track for keeping your place in the easy chair uninterrupted. 

Posted by openlinesinc@msn.com at 1/11/2016 11:23:00 PM
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